It is official; New Zealanders are some of the most generous people on the planet when it comes to giving to good causes. Boosted gives artists a tool to access this good-will in order to mobilise a new generation of patrons.

Boosted enables projects to receive many private donations towards a funding goal. The projects are promoted using e-mail and social media networks.

The internet has enabled an exciting change in philanthropic engagement. Support from the Lion Foundation allowed the Arts Foundation to develop a crowdfunding website dedicated to supporting the arts in New Zealand.

Any arts project can be hosted on Boosted; literature, the performing arts, visual arts, moving image, dance theatre, and every other art form. Any artist, arts group or organisation can submit a project idea to Boosted, which will be quickly approved as long as it is a legitimate arts project. Some projects will seek relatively low amounts ($500 plus), some will seek over $100,000, while donations at all levels will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

"The Arts Foundation is opening its doors to all arts projects, from the grass roots to New Zealand's most established organisations and artists", say Arts Foundation Executive Director Simon Bowden. "We have poured our knowledge of private giving into Boosted in order to grow a new generation of donors for the arts. We expect to create literally thousands of philanthropists for the arts, at many different levels. In the world of crowdfunding every dollar counts. We believe that many donors who initially give small amounts to projects on Boosted will be able to give more in the future".

Boosted is the only genuinely philanthropic crowdfunding website for arts projects in New Zealand. Donors to Boosted projects are able to claim a tax credit of 33% against their donations.

Boosted can offer full funding solutions for some projects or can be a way of complementing other funding sources.

Boosted provides the arts community with information on best practice for growing arts philanthropy; as well as a range of topics to support projects such as social media marketing, audience development and communications. It also provides qualitied campaign support to help grow long-term relationships between projects and donors. Donors to Boosted projects will gain confidence through the Arts Foundation's status as New Zealand's leading organisation in arts philanthropy.

Perhaps the most exciting outcome of crowdfunding is its potential to create cultural change. Artists who are successful in using crowdfunding will have new encouragement to articulate their vision based on their personal aspirations as artists. Audiences have a new way of participating in the arts as investors in the creative process. The Arts Foundation encourages artists to establish crowdfunding campaigns at every stage of their artistic process. This will provide new experiences for audiences and an invigorated community around the arts. Crowdfunding is a revolution. It is about empowering artists to inspire people to join their endeavours. 

Here's how Boosted works:

  • Any arts project can be hosted on Boosted: literature, the performing arts, visual arts, moving image arts, and every other art form. Boosted exists to support New Zealand's individual artists and also its arts organisations.
  • An artist, arts group or organisation creates a profile and submits a project idea to Boosted for a quick check to ensure that it is an arts project that can be supported by the Arts Foundation via Boosted.
  • The Boosted project page is approved and presented live for a set period of time.  The aim is that during that time it will attract donations and reach its funding goal.
  • The project's owner will build and maintain momentum both on and offline, before and during the campaign, to engage their network's support.
  • Donors pledge donations to the Arts Foundation for the project at levels of their choice.
  • If the project fails to reach its funding goal, donors are fully refunded.
  • All donations are made to the Arts Foundation. If the project meets its funding goal, the Arts Foundation grants to the project an amount equivalent to 90% of the donations. 10% covers credit card fees and helps with the costs of running Boosted.
  • The Arts Foundation will issue a receipt to the donor who is able to use this to claim the tax credit.