"All writers are vain, selfish and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery... I cannot say with certainty which of my motives are the strongest, but I know which of them deserve to be followed."

Born in 1978, Tze Ming has, according to her previous online bookmark library “del.icio.us”, the following top six interests in order of link entry frequency: politics, literature, evil, language, tools and humanity.

Her poetry, fiction, reviews, features and opinions have been published in Landfall, JAAM, Sport, Trout, Meanjin, the Listener, the Sunday Star Times, and the Public Address weblog Yellow Peril. She says of her writing, "there are too many different bits of it now for me to describe it coherently, and nothing I said about it before applies anymore. If the same thing is happening to the country, I might have a chance of blending in." Tze Ming guest-edited the May 2006 issue, Landfall, Borderline, which "roll[ed] in the cultural muddle of contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand." Her short story Daily Special appears in The Best New Zealand Fiction Volume 2, edited by Fiona Kidman. Her poem An Arabic Poetry Lesson in Jakarta was selected as one of the Best New Zealand Poems in 2004. In that same year her essay Race You There won the Landfall Essay Competition, an honour she shared with Martin Edmond.

In 2006 she was one of five inaugural recipients of an Arts Foundation New Generation Award.  In 2007 she took up the Creative New Zealand Red Gate residency in Beijing, before moving to live in Geneva.

Under the classification standards of the People's Republic of China, Tze Ming has “the reading level of a half-literate peasant”. She holds an MA in Political Studies from the University of Auckland. She is first-generation New Zealand-born Chinese, and her family is from a bewildering array of East and Southeast Asian countries.

Tze Ming has a piece published in Grant Smithie's book Soundtrack by Craig Potton Publishing and her short story Tunnel of Love appeared in issue #69 of the Kyoto Journal. She appeared at the PEN International festival 'Free the Word' in London April 2008, as backup singer for poet Yang Lian.

She was one of the contributors to Lost in Translation: New Zealand Stories edited by Marco Sonzogni published at the beginning of 2010 by Random House.  This collection of entertaining stories reflects New Zealand society in "provocative, humane and intriguing ways".  

Tze Ming currently lives in London.


Te Ming Mok (right) and Martin Edmond won the University of Otago Press 2004 Landfall Essay Prize, judged by Vincent O'Sullivan and announced in November. The winners shared the $2,500 prize and their winning entries are published in Landfall 208
  Born Auckland, New Zealand
   Race You There wins Landfall  Essay competition shared with Martin Edmond;An Arabic Poetry Lesson in Jakarta selected as one of the Best New Zealand Poems;Led anti-racist march to Parliament in response to Wellington hate crimes
Ethnopolitical blog Yellow Peril featured on NZ group web-blog Public AddressWrote opinion column on race relations and Asia-Pacific issues in New Zealand's Sunday Star-Times.
   Guest-edited Autumn issue of Landfall;Recipient, Arts Foundation New Generation Award
   Helped organise successful NZ Press Council challenge of a racially discriminatory article in North & South magazine;Speaker at Shanghai International Literary Festival;Creative NZ Red Gate Gallery Beijing Residency