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Sean James

Donnelly (SJD)

Sean James Donnelly (SJD)

Sean James Donnelly (SJD)’s Biography

Last Updated:
16/05/2019, 2:58 pm
New Generation 2013
SJD, or Sean James Donnelly, is an Auckland-based musician. His music is a mix of electronica, pop-rock, and soul.

SJD is the nom-de-disque of Auckland-based musician Sean James Donnelly. Since his first self-released album 3 SJD has unleashed a series of five albums for the Round Trip Mars label. Amongst those, Lost Soul Music introduced a wider audience to Sean's unique vision with songs like Tree People and A Boy, while Southern Lights picked up two Tuis in the 2005 NZ Music Awards and included Superman, You're Crying and the much licensed, The Clean sampling From A To B Or Not To Be. Subsequent album Songs From A Dictaphone and Dayglo Spectres further solidified Sean's impeccable reputation with stone cold classics like Beautiful Haze, I Wrote This Song For You and No Telling Where.

Following a stint as co-producer and keyboard player in Neil Finn's Pajama Club, and marshalling an all-star cast for the Breast Cancer Foundation release of Chris Knox's Not Given Lightly, Sean has returned to his solo synthesized roots with a set of new songs on the 2012 release Elastic Wasteland.

After almost unanimous 5/5 star reviews Elastic Wasteland was chosen by IMNZ (Independent Music New Zealand) members and a panel of judges as the winner of the hotly contested 2013 Taite Prize