"You know, being an artist is amongst one of the most chaotic, temperamental, paradoxical and unconventional life styles or professions there is. As exciting and deeply rewarding as it can be, it can also be extremely scary, difficult and bewildering not knowing what's going to happen next - whether the result of your hard work is going to be just another dead end or the end of a magic rainbow. Although I appreciate deeply how the difficulties one must wrestle with when pursuing these things can sharpen ones awareness of how such pursuits shape ones own life and universe etc... but boy oh boy... to suddenly turn a corner and find yourself not at a dead end but indeed at the end of a magic rainbow... it is incredibly gratifying and I cant explain how much this gesture means to me. I'm deeply appreciative and warmed by it... man, the future is super bright right now...haha!"Sam Hamilton, on receiving an Arts Foundation New Generation Award.

Sam Hamilton is a New Zealand born inter-disciplinary artist who, when not working on projects abroad, lives in the beloved sovereign state of K'rd, Auckland, New Zealand.

Sam is mostly known for his music.  His background in sound art, experimental music, performance and composition have led to a practice that now borders the spheres of ‘popular' music. His recent work has indulged in the simpler, intrinsically enjoyable magic of making fun.

Although a more hedonistic approach to music making has become more paramount in his work his practice is still, if not more than ever, grounded by a continued pursuit of pushing the envelope of contemporary musical exploration.  Sam consciously investigates the biological and sociological implications, applications and mechanics of music in 21st century culture in order to generate understanding of the thoughts and practices of this culture.

Sam's music making has had diverse outcomes including; releasing records and CDs, traversing the Amazon rain forest with microphones, exhibiting sound works in galleries from Christchurch to New York City, scoring soundtracks for film and dance, undertaking residencies and workshops and touring and performing throughout the USA, Europe, South America and Australasia in venues ranging from giant theatres and festivals to warehouse parties and indie venues.

Sam is also known for his work using experimental film and video.  He has presented with the on-going expanded cinema project The Parasitic Fantasy Band, which has presented live film works throughout Australia, USA and Germany. Sam has also produced stand-alone films and video works both with the Parasitic Fantasy Band as well as under his own name.

During the last seven years, when Sam has been in New Zealand, he has been periodically independently active with organising events, programmes and festivals.  He has presented and supported mostly local artists in experimental film festivals and has curated live cinema programs for the Auckland International Film Festival, experimental music festivals such as the Alleluya Noise Festival, and music parties such as the Feel Good Things Festival.

In 2011, Sam took part in the production Mau in South America and Europe with Arts Foundation Laureate Lemi Ponifasio.  Mau is an exploration of the perception of truth and beauty through collaborations with artists and thinkers.

Sam Hamilton received an Arts Foundation New Generation Award in 2011.  New Generation artists are the hot shots, the ones to watch, and the ones that have an X-factor that demonstrates assured potential.


Sam Hamilton was selected as a New Generation Award recipient, presented by the Arts Foundation in 2011. This video was produced in a partnership between the Arts Foundation and TVNZ 7.
'Alumbria Tides' Music and direction by Sam
Originally released as the music video for the single Alumbra Tides of the recent full length album' PALA'