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Megan Wraight

Megan Wraight’s † Biography

Last Updated:
11/03/2021, 2:33 pm
Landscape Architect
Arts Foundation Laureate 2013
Megan Wraight is the founding principal of Wraight + Associates Limited, Landscape Architects (WA). She is a nationally acclaimed New Zealand landscape architect

Megan Wraight, the founding principal of Wraight + Associates Limited, Landscape Architects (WA), is a nationally acclaimed New Zealand landscape architect with over 20 years experience. Megan has been the lead landscape architect on a wide variety of large scale urban projects throughout New Zealand and has also been involved in numerous public and private sector works including waterfront redevelopments, educational facilities, transport facilities and urban renewal projects.

Megan has a high profile as a landscape architect and is widely regarded as an expert in her field. She has demonstrated skills in landscape architecture, master planning and the development of high quality design projects. Her experience in public space works and innovative and award winning design, is essential to the success of many of the projects Wraight + Associates have worked on.

Megan is a member of the group of design professionals engaged to develop the Lambton Harbour Master Plan for Wellington Waterfront Limited, she has undertaken this role for the past 15 years. In this capacity Megan has been (and continues to be) a strong advocate for waterfront redevelopment that harnesses natural and cultural narratives to enrich a range of thoughtfully composed spatial experiences.

Megan's influence on and contribution to public space design is widespread, and can be seen all across the country. She has worked on numerous highly acclaimed projects from Auckland to Dunedin and everywhere in between. Some of these include the award winning Waitangi Park, Taranaki Wharf, CentrePort and Lambton Harbour Masterplan in Wellington, the Hood Street Upgrade in Hamilton, Waitomo Caves Visitors Centre, Christchurch Coastal Pathway, and the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland.

The internationally acclaimed Wynyard Quarter; Jellicoe Street, North Wharf + Silo Park on Auckland's Waterfront is an exemplar of innovative urban waterfront renewal. A design collaboration with Melbourne's Taylor Cullity Lethlean, the Wynyard Quarter demonstrates a coherent use of new and old materials and elements, in the creation of public space design. The team transformed an industrial wasteland into a celebrated and vibrant sequence of public spaces.

In addition to the practice of landscape architecture, Megan is an advocate of, and regular contributor to, the education of students in Wellington's Victoria University's Landscape Architecture programme. Megan is a dedicated practitioner of environmentally sustainable design solutions, and is committed to designing stimulating, memorable and enduring environments.

Megan collaborated as lead landscape architect in 2013 on the high profile Basin Bridge and Memorial Park projects in central Wellington. Due to be completed in 2018 and 2015 respectively, these projects will transform the current roading network around the Basin Reserve and provide a commemorative space for the National War Memorial. Wraight + Associates took home four of the top awards at the NZILA National awards ceremony for Landscape Architects in April 2017.

Megan Wraight died 31 August 2020