John Miller is self-described as a 'sympathetic observer' of anti-war, civil rights, anti-apartheid, anti-nuclear and Māori political protests; He has captured some momentous events and moments in the struggle for peace. In 2003 Miller received a Media Peace Prize Lifetime Award in recognition of his photography and its role in helping to promote peace.

Attending Victoria University in 1969-70, John then worked as a Craccum (Auckland University Students' Association Magazine) photographer in 1971-72.  He became focused on the various protest movements taking place at the time, the activities of the anti-Vietnam War and anti-South African sports tour movements and the first Waitangi protests before moving to record the historic Land March and Bastion Point occupation.  His work reveals the connections between peace and equality and that peace will not come without freedom for all members of society.  He considers himself a self described sympathetic observer of these manifestations of civilian dissent, saying “I tend to support the causes that motivate such protests, rallies or meetings”.

John Miller’s photos documenting social and political dissent and cultural events, for more than four decades, have featured in exhibitions and publications, including the books By Batons and Barbed Wire, on the 1981 Springbok Tour; Negligent Neighbour, about East Timor, and Hikoi - Forty Years of Māori Protest.

(B&W) Land March 1975-2004 Lambton Quay (time transition).


Born North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand
Earliest images – views from Auckland Harbour Bridge & Auckland Zoo
First images of an anti-Vietnam War demonstration; First images of a Māori cultural event (meeting house opening)
Began photographing demonstrations in earnest while at Victoria University, Wellington
Began photographing new wave of Māori protests at Waitangi
Photographs Māori land March
Photographs Bastion Point occupation
Photographs Springbok Rugby Tour – widely shown in New Zealand and overseas
Media Peace Prize Lifetime Award in recognition of his photography, and its role in helping to promote the cause of peace
Audio-visual presentation of 350+ slides on 1981 Springbok Tour in Restless group exhibition, MIC Toi Rerehiko Gallery
Māori protest photos in group exhibition Photo Histories at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery; Marti Friedlander Photographic Award recipient