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Hash Perambalam’s Biography

Last Updated:
24/04/2024, 7:18 am
Arts Foundation Springboard 2024
Tamil (Eelam)
“I am deeply grateful to receive this award. Thank you to everyone involved in helping it exist, especially during this current arts climate. Practically speaking it means I have the financial support to complete an unfinished short film project. I am looking forward to the mentorship as I move from short films into feature filmmaking.”

Hash receives the Springboard Award for Film gifted by Jamie and Ann Selkirk.

Hash is a filmmaker born and raised in Auckland. She graduated from the University of Auckland with a Masters in Screen Production (Drama Directing). Her student short film Not Like Her won Best Self-Funded Short Film at the 2017 New Zealand Film Awards.

Hash wrote and directed the vignette ‘Vena’ for landmark pan-asian anthology feature Kainga (2022). The film screened at NZIFF and MIFF. In 2022 she directed an episode of RNZ’s music documentary series 'Amplified' about experimental artist Samara Alofa. Most recently Hash wrote and directed The Rat King which received the Women’s Horror Short grant from the New Zealand Film Commission. The film is currently in post-production and will be released in 2025.

In 2023 Hash was a participant in the film intensive A Wave in The Ocean with Artistic Director Dame Jane Campion (2022 Arts Foundation Icon). Hash is currently writing and directing a short film under this programme before she moves into feature filmmaking.

Hash's mentor – coming soon!