Geoff Cochrane is a highly regarded poet and fiction writer living in Wellington, New Zealand.

In 2009 he was awarded the Janet Frame Prize for Poetry and in 2010 the inaugural Nigel Cox Unity Books Award. His most recent book, Astonished Dice collects his two slim volumes of short stories, originally published in limited editions, the early novella Quest Clinic, and more recent stories.

He has published several highly-regarded collections of poetry, including Aztec Noon: Poems 1976-1992 and Into India, Acetylene, Vanilla Wine, Hypnic Jerks and the novels Tin Nimbus, named a 1996 Commonwealth Best First Book Prize regional finalist, and Blood. His poems have also appeared in journals including Sport and Printout and in several anthologies.

His collection of poetry 84 484 was published by Victoria University Press in 2007 and reviewer Amy Brown said, "If you're already a Geoff Cochrane fan, his latest work will not be disappointing. Cochrane's relaxed precision, stunning vocabulary and formidable concision are all happily present in 84-484, a book full of memories, characters, Wellington, self-portraits and riddles"

His most recent collections are The Bengal Engine's Mango Afterglow (2012), The Worm in the Tequila (2010) and Pocket Edition was published in May 2009.

His poem Vanilla Wine was chosen for the online collection Best New Zealand Poems 2003. His poem Little Bits of Harry was selected for Best New Zealand Poems 2004, while Seven Unposted Postcards to My Brother was named one of the Best New Zealand Poems 2005

Geoff's poem Chemotherapy was selected as one of 2007's Best New Zealand Poems.


This is a clip from the documentary Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (directed by Richard Riddiford).
1976 - 198
Poetry first appeared in small collections from private presses
‘Quest Clinic' published
Tin Nimbus published
‘Blood' published
Commonwealth Best First Book Prize regional finalist
Collection of poetry ‘Vanilla Wine' published Poem ‘Vanilla Wine' named one of the Best New Zealand Poems
Collection of poetry ‘Hypnic Jerks' published
Poem included in ‘Shards of Silver' (Steele Roberts, 2006), a book investigating the interplay between photography and poetry Contributed ‘Three Stories' to The Best of new Zealand Fiction" Volume Three (Vintage, 2006)
Collection of poetry 84-484 published
Awarded the Janet Frame Prize for Poetry ‘Pocket Edition' published
Awarded the inaugural Nigel Cox Unity Books Award ‘The Worm in the Tequila' published
Recipient of an Arts Foundation Laureate Award