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Cian Parker

Cian Parker’s Biography

Last Updated:
4/05/2022, 1:44 pm
Writer and performer
Arts Foundation Springboard 2021
Ngā Puhi
"I am so thankful to be one of the 2021 Springboard recipients. This past year has held a lot of uncertainty for creatives all over the world. And I found myself questioning what was next for me in my career. The Springboard Award has offered me some security and support which I am so grateful for; and means I am able to continue working on my three-current projects. I feel so privileged to receive mentorship from the amazing Briar-Grace Smith."

Cian Parker is an active creative practitioner based in Kirikiriroa. In 2018 she founded her own theatre company, Cove Theatre, through which she writes and performs powerful and nuanced stories reflective of the community she grew up in. Cian has already turned heads in the industry, receiving the Ngā Manu Pīrere award at the 2019 Te Waka Toi Awards as well as the 2020 Most Promising Artist at the New Zealand Fringe Awards.

In her work, Cian explores the connection between her Māori whakapapa and her own expressions of identity. Her honest performance style weaves together a real and familiar version of Aotearoa New Zealand, inspired by a strong Kaupapa Māori narrative. Cian’s commitment to telling stories not often given a stage combined with her strong work ethic point to an exciting future ahead.

Cian Parker will be mentored by 2000 Arts Foundation Laureate, Briar Grace-Smith ONZM

Briar Grace-Smith is an award-winning writer of plays, scripts and short stories. Most recently she has written, directed and starred in Cousins, a film based off of Patricia Grace-Smith’s iconic novel. It is the third feature film in history to be directed by Māori wāhine.