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Since inception the Arts Foundation has awarded 178 artists and granted over $5million. Browse the artists that we have recognised and discover some of New Zealand's most extraordinary creators.

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Boosted is the Arts Foundation's crowdfunding platform for the arts. Boosted helps artists get their projects off the ground and into the real world.

Applause: now available to view online!

Issue 21 featuring: 2015 award recipients, interviews with prior recipients, Neil Ieremia and Anna Leese, Boosted School of Crowdfunding and the future of philanthropy in the arts.

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The Laureate Award is an investment in excellence across a range of art forms for an artist with prominence and outstanding potential for future growth.



New Zealand Arts Awards 2016

The date has been set, the recipients know who they are, now all we need is you.



David Carson-Parker Legacy Auction

David Carson-Parker's extensive collection of fine arts and crafts has been donated to the Arts Foundation for sale at auction. Join us at Dunbar Sloane for tributes to David and to view the collection 10 November 2016.


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When you come to the New Zealand Arts Awards you are part of the team that is working hard to ensure the arts are understood and celebrated at the level they should be. Just by being there you give confidence to the arts sector and ensure that each award recipient feels the love and pride we have for them.

Fundraising Success to Send Writer to France

The Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship has been secured in perpetuity following a campaign that raised just over $800,000