Jacob Rajan in your lounge? — 18.02.10

Jacob Rajan (Laureate) and Justin Lewis form the Indian Ink Theatre Company. Their latest play is "The Guru of Chai". Instead of being performed in a theatre, the two co-creators have designed it for people's lounges.

"A tale of unrequited love, tea and a stuffed parrot ". Jacob plays all the characters while musician Dave Ward provides the soundtrack and Justin does the directing and everything else in between. They have been rehearsing in Justin's Pt Chevalier lounge and he says performing the play in more intimate settings is a nice change.  The only other cast member is Tathi, a stuffed parrot that Justin found for sale on TradeMe.

The Guru of Chai is a reimagining of an old Indian folk tale that's been two years in the making.  It is set in modern day India and tells the story of an honest policeman in love with a girl who passes him over for a disreputable poet. Since chai is the Indian word for tea, there is also a lotof tea-making involved.

You can book the play through the Indian Ink Company  in your own home and invite friends and family along for the experience. 

The play is also being performed as a fundraiser for a community group andcan be booked by other groups.