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Matasila Freshwater, 2020 Springboard Recipient

Matasila Freshwater, 2020 Springboard Recipient

Matasila Freshwater’s Biography

Last Updated:
5/05/2022, 9:34 am
Writer, director
Arts Foundation Springboard 2020,
"I'm incredibly honoured to be a recipient of the Springboard award, not only because it might stop my dear mum for suggesting I could always get a 'real' job... but mostly because I never understood the alchemy required to have a creative career. Even though I have a constant dissonance about my career choices and I'm really lucky to have people who believe in me, now with the support from the Arts Foundation and mentor, (Tusi, an amazing Filmmaker) means that I'll get much-needed guidance, while I'm trying to purposefully wander in this space. With this award, I'll be able to lock myself away and write/cry/overdose on caffeine, in order to build my stories and continue making films that will probably just make people feel weird."

Matasila Freshwater, from Solomon Island heritage, is a Wellington director with a background in animation, anthropology and design. Growing up, Matasila struggled to find her own experiences of the world reflected back at her through the media she consumed. Now, with the aim of forging a sustainable career in the arts, Matasila is passionate about exploring the relationship between culture and selfhood. As a springboard recipient, Matasila is currently working on her first solo film feature, and will be using this package as an opportunity to work full time on her creative endeavours. Having the support of an experienced filmmaker from the Arts Foundation alumni will enable her to further develop her distinctive knack for storytelling. One. To. Watch.

Matasila will be mentored by Tusi Tamasese

Tusi Tamasese has had notable success with his film work, and is perhaps best known for Samoan language film, The Orator. The film received recognition at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, including two awards and a special mention from the jury. It was New Zealand’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film to the 84th Academy Awards.