THE GROUND WE WON is Chris Pryor’s second feature documentary as director, cinematographer and editor. THE GROUND WE WON has screened to considerable critical acclaim at a growing list of international film festivals. The film also had a successful nationwide cinema release in New Zealand, garnering multiple five-star reviews and being hailed “an instant national classic” and “one of the most powerfully cinematic New Zealand movies ever”. 
The critically acclaimed theatrical documentary HOW FAR IS HEAVEN was Chris’s debut as a director. He was also the cinematographer & editor, for which he was awarded a New Zealand Film Award for Best Documentary Cinematography, as well as being nominated for Best Documentary Film, Director & Editor. The film had a successful nationwide cinema release in New Zealand, as well as international film festival screenings at NZIFF, Margaret Mead Film Festival and GZDOC, and was nominated for Best Documentary at the Asia Pacific Film Awards.
Before directing his own films, Chris contributed as cinematographer and co-editor to Florian Habicht’s features WOODENHEAD, KAIKOHE DEMOLITION & RUBBINGS FROM A LIVE MAN. Chris was also the DOP for Zia Mandviwalla’s short films CLEAN LINEN & AMARDI and a cinematographer for Alyx Duncan’s films THE RED HOUSE & THE TIDE KEEPER.
Chris originally trained as a stills photographer, and continues to pursue his love of photography through an ever growing range of personal projects.
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Born in Auckland
Drops out of Auckland University Engineering School to study photography at Unitec
Shoots and co-edits Florian Habicht’s "Woodenhead"
Co-shoots and co-edits Florian Habicht’s “Kaikohe Demolition”
Artist in residence at Port Chalmers Maritime Museum.
Shoots and co-edits Florian Habicht’s “Rubbings From a Live Man”
Shoots Maori TV documentary series “Kete Aronui” & “Kaitiaki”
Get's chatting with Miriam Smith at a Guy Fawkes party and decide to together make what will become "How Far is Heaven"
Makes multiple research trips to Jerusalem with Miriam Smith to meet the local community.
Moves to live in the Old Convent at Jerusalem for the year to shoot "How Far is Heaven"
Finally becomes a couple with Miriam Smith - the whole Jerusalem village is relieved.
World premiere of "How Far is Heaven" at NZ International Film Festival, followed by a nationwide cinema release & filmmaker tour.
Moa NZ Film Awards - "How Far is Heaven" nominated best documentary, documentary director, documentary editing, wins best documentary cinematography.
Moves to Reporoa and live at Golden Springs Holiday Park to Shoot "The Ground We Won".
"How Far is Heaven" screens at the Margaret Mead Film Festival, NYC - M&C married at City Hall, NYC!
"The Ground We Won" premieres at NZIFF Autumn Events, followed by nationwide cinema release & filmmaker tour. The film receives multiple 5 star reviews.
"The Ground We Won" premieres internationally - Melbourne, Locarno, Warsaw Film Festivals & beyond
Buys first house with Miriam Smith and moves to Thames, all the while dreaming of New York.
Receives Arts Foundation Harriet Friedlander Residency in New York with Miriam Smith!