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Beth Ellery

Image Credit: NZ Fashion Museum, Image by: Sam Hartnett. Image © Beth Ellery

Beth Ellery’s Biography

Last Updated:
16/05/2019, 4:37 pm
Fashion Designer
Award for Patronage 2010 - Gus and Irene Fisher
Beth Ellery is an innovative fashion designer who contributes new constructions, new patterns and new details to the fashion world.

Beth Ellery is a fashion designer who lives and works in Auckland. She is the protégée of Marilyn Sainty, owner of the Scotties Boutiques. Beth originally studied architecture, graduating with a Bachelor's degree , before launching her own fashion label in 2002.

Beth's work is described as intelligent, exquisite, quality, feminine and timeless. The focuses of Beth's design are the patterns of the fabrics and the investigation of new ways of construction. Her design is innovative in that it is honest. She always puts the needs of the person wearing the garment first; "Instead of developing a collection based on a look or narrative, I aim to produce work that is more about the wearer and less about the development of a theme."

Beth has shown her collections at the Air New Zealand Fashion Week and at private showings with the Marr Factory and Showroom 22.

Beth's clothes are distributed through Scotties and Showroom 22, where she sits alongside some of the world's best labels; including Comme Des Garcons, Issey Miyake, Anne Demuelemeester and Lanvin.