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Andrew McLeod’s Biography

Last Updated:
16/05/2019, 10:09 pm
Painter, digital artist and printmaker
Award for Patronage 2010 - Gus and Irene Fisher
Andrew McLeod is a versatile and prolific artist. He is a painter, digital artist, and printmaker, using these mediums to create a visual representation of his imaginative world.

Whichever medium Andrew McLeod chooses, random objects float in an imaginary world where perspective, weight and shadow don’t exist.

"Reviews of Andrew's work are often dominated by the reviewer's personal, descriptive, emotional and metaphoric experience of the work." Danae Mossman writes:

"Andrew McLeod's work is like a can of worms. Once the lid's off there is a searing sense that those slippery, wriggly manifestations are getting away on you. His prolific practice encompasses drawings, paintings, prints and books, each blurring into the next, jetsam compiled as an alluring insight into the artist's observations, both real and imagined. They are a private world made public. It's like stepping ever so slightly into a dream-like psychosis where surreal musings and realist inserts collide to create a cacophony of tones and narratives, leaving the viewer wandering around in a techno-colour dream world.

McLeod's work exists on the cusp of a dream state and neurotic episode. There is a sense of the artists discombobulated view of society, coupled with some rainbow-drenched mindscapes, seem to be an exploration of his place in the world. Margreta Chance writes that McLeod uses architectural plans and models to create a space where desire and longing can be played out. This desire is manifest in a saturated, meticulous urban garden that the artist toils with many tools over and over. A process of sprouting and growing, where bursting bulbs and singing birds sit alongside women bound with rope laid delicately - a Garden of Eden where capitalist grime rises to the surface. His work is a meeting place for the dreamer and the cynic to sit together, legs crossed, examining the master plan."

Andrew grew up in Mt Eden, Auckland. He studied at Elam School of Fine Art, NICAI, Auckland University, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1998. Andrew was the recipient of an Arts Foundation Award for Patronage Donation from Gus & Irene Fisher in 2010.

Andrew lives in Auckland with his partner and fellow artist Liz Maw.