Oscar Kightley as Harry Anglesea — 23.04.13

Oscar Kightley joins Sam Neill in Harry, a six-part crime drama series produced by Desert Road for TV3.

Samoan-born, New Zealand-raised Harry Anglesea has been a policeman in the New Zealand force for 16 years, and a detective for over 10. Compared to his peers, Harry is somewhat of a maverick with a unique insight into the psychology of criminals. He has always trusted his gut instincts and reactions to people (good and bad), and his particular skill of seeing all angles of a case sometimes brings unexpected results.

Harry is renowned for his determination and capacity to be focused and single minded when pursuing a goal. Driven, hard-working and tenacious he's a lone-wolf, who, when he's onto something, won't let go. But Harry is a man with two very different faces: the public policeman, and the private persona - a flawed hero.

Personally, at the beginning of the series, Harry is in a private hell. A solo parent, he's vulnerable, lonely, pained and angry - feelings he doesn't know how to face up to, so he tries to bury them deep and pretend everything is going just fine. On the outside, Harry tries to pass off as the "same old Harry", but inside, he is emotionally numb, broken, blinded to what he really needs.

Coming to TV3, Wednesday night, 8 May 2013

Image:  Oscar Kightley in conversation with Sam Neill at an Arts Foundation Laureate On-Stage event - October 2006.  Image by Ken Baker