Don Peebles passed away on 27 March 2010 — 30.03.10

Arts Foundation Icon and friend Don Peebles died at the age of 88.

 Photo by Ken Baker 

Arts Foundation Icon and friend Don Peebles died on Saturday, 27 March at the age of 88.     

A key figure in the emergence and evolution of New Zealand abstract art, Don Peebles was known as a leading force in contemporary New Zealand painting and was one of New Zealand's most senior and respected practitioners. His achievements were acknowledged in 2007 by the Arts Foundation when he received one of the Icon Awards in that year.   We enjoyed seeing Don and Prue at numerous Arts Foundation events following the 2007 Icon Awards.

Don exhibited work last year at Diversion Gallery in Marlborough and his work is currently included in Drawing Conclusions at TheNewDowse , where major works of art are shown from its collection, alongside preparatory works that provide a glimpse into each artist's working process.  The Arts Foundation will continue to celebrate Don and his work through its website and other publications so that people can continue to learn about him and enjoy his work well into the future.