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4 August 2023

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One New Zealand, is investing in Aotearoa New Zealand’s arts and culture sector and has partnered with The Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi, granting an unprecedented top-up to the 2023 Laureate Awards.

The 2023 Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi Laureate Awards will honour up to ten exceptional artists shaping the artistic landscape of Aotearoa, and making a significant impact on their respective communities and practices. This year, and thanks to One NZ’s generous support, every Laureate will receive an additional $5,000 on top of the $30,000 prize money, contributing to a total of $315,000 that will directly benefit the exceptional talents in the arts community.

“Art in all forms is incredibly powerful- especially in times of great change. Art can capture and express what it felt like to exist in a particular time so there is no time like right now for the arts to shine,” says Georgia Mahaffie, Head of Brand and Marketing, One New Zealand. “These Laureate Awards signify not only artistic brilliance but also the profound contributions artists make to our society. At One NZ we’re committed to investing even more into Aotearoa New Zealand. The arts sector’s growth relies on financial support and we feel privileged to be able to enhance their creative freedom and ambitions.”

The Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi Laureate Awards have long been recognised as the only awards that span all artistic disciplines, lauding artists who have demonstrated exemplary prowess and dedication to their craft and for more than two decades, the Laureate Awards have been a beacon of recognition for Aotearoa New Zealand’s greatest artists across various disciplines. This year, the Awards will welcome nine new artists into the esteemed Laureate whānau, joining the ranks of the more than 125 household names celebrated for their artistic brilliance and contributions.

About the Arts Foundation

Backing artists to make their mark. The Arts Foundation was established in 1998 to honour extraordinary New Zealand artists.