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Join Kotahi (united, one), our giving collective that boosts opportunities for artists and amplifies their impact on New Zealand.

Your funds will go directly toward fuelling our mission to support and profile our country’s most outstanding artists and help show the impact that are having - whether it’s strengthening our cultural identity, furthering their discipline and communities, contributing to the wellbeing of Aotearoa, or leading important change.

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Ways to
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Giving levels Annual gift with three-year commitment before tax credit Annual gift with one-year commitment before tax credit Give and give back
Boosted Anything up from $5 Help make art happen by giving to one of the many arts projects or artists crowdfunding 365 days a year on (and you’ll get a tax receipt!). Boosted is Aotearoa New Zealand’s only crowdfunding platform dedicated to the arts, and since 2013 has helped over 1,000 creatives raise a cool, combined $9 million for their projects, nationwide.
Arts Follower $500 $750 You’re just getting started on this philanthropy thing and want to be the first to hear what’s going on in the arts, and to secure invitations and tickets to our events.
Art Backer $1,500 $2,000 Step up your giving game and become one of New Zealand’s courageous art backers. As well as deepening your impact, you’ll receive invites to exclusive artist events and tours throughout the year – imbued with our trademark good sense of fun and hospitality.
Mark Maker $5,500 $6,500 Truly make your mark on Aotearoa by investing in the engine that fuels the arts. If you – like us – are on a mission to get arts and creativity on the national agenda (whether it’s by making noise about the arts in the media, in our schools, our regions, or at our dinner tables), here’s how you can help. Plus, you’ll be embedded in a diverse community of artists and givers with an ambitious vision for arts and creativity.
Arts Champion $10,500 $12,500 Become a champion of the arts and make an enduring impact. You’ll be part of a radical collective of givers helping to strengthen the future of the arts in Aotearoa, and enabling us to fund more artists directly. By joining Kotahi at this level, you help us to do the work we dream of for Aotearoa’s artists - the people we’re here to serve.
Arts Leader $25,500+ $30,000+ Culture-shifting. Become part of a collection of people who are refreshing the culture of arts philanthropy in New Zealand, and directly funding artists and our cause in a big way. You’ll be shaping the nation’s arts landscape by creating opportunity, working alongside us to create bold new ways of elevating the arts. Big things are coming… join us and help pave the way.
Back an Award
Fund an Arts Foundation Laureate.

Be one of our leaders helping to take the arts in New Zealand forward with a generous community. We have two opportunities left to present or support one of ten Laureates for ten years. Make your mark on a Laureate with an annual $30,000 gift that goes directly to an artist chosen by a carefully selected panel each year, and $5,000 goes towards the costs of running, celebrating and promoting our Laureates each year. Learn more about our Laureate Awards, call Jo on 027 431 4780 or email

Leave a Legacy
Leave a legacy to the arts in New Zealand.

Leaving a gift in your will, or to commemorate a dear friend or family member, is a beautiful way to make your mark by backing the work of New Zealand’s artists. Endow a Laureate award in your name with a legacy of $200,000 or more, call Jo on 027 431 4780 or email