The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is New Zealand's largest university. It provides a dynamic research and teaching environment filled with creative talent. The University sees the creative sector as a leading force for economic and social transformation in New Zealand and beyond.

In 2011, The University of Auckland received a donation from the Chartwell Trust, recipient of that year's Arts Foundation Award for Patronage. This donation was made towards the launch of a campaign by the University to promote deeper understanding of the value of the arts and their role in creative thinking. Support for leading education and research programmes centred on imaginative and creative thought is a key part of the Chartwell philosophy. It fulfils one of the Trust's founding goals to promote understanding of art and its role as an essential human activity.

The campaign will promote arts-led creative thinking from the studio to the schoolroom, in the boardroom and the laboratory. It will build an interdisciplinary hub supported by research, teaching, outreach and advocacy activities. The campaign will be coordinated by Professor Jenny Dixon, Dean of the University's National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, in conjunction with representatives from a number of other University faculties.


The Jack-in-a-Box has been given a contemporary twist by students from The University of Auckland's National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries. Architecture, Dance, Music and Fine Arts students created installations and events in Myers Park as part of Auckland's Fan Trail for Rugby World Cup 2011.

"The University of Auckland is uniquely placed to lead the way in creative thinking. Staff and students from across our faculties work at the highest level on creative endeavours. These range from social entrepreneurship, to visual arts practice and multi-cultural approaches to creativity. The University sits at the heart of an emerging creative precinct. With the recent re-opening of the Auckland Art Gallery and the revitalisation of Auckland's CBD, we see an unprecedented opportunity to galvanise leaders, educators and the public around arts-led creative thinking. The University is committed to playing a leadership role in this area." 
- Professor Jenny Dixon, Dean of the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, The University of Auckland.

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Rachel Bache, BFA, Untitled 2010, Elam Graduate Show

Many of the artists, musicians, authors, dancers and film makers recognised by the Arts Foundation have studied or taught at The University of Auckland, including: