The Art & Industry Biennial Trust

The Art & Industry Biennial Trust is a charitable trust that manages the SCAPE Christchurch Biennial of art in public spaces; New Zealand's premier biennial dealing with art in public space.  The Trust was set up in 1999 and its work has established a vital platform for both national and international artists to develop dynamic, lively and progressive artworks.

The Trust's vision is to get people to "be excited, engaged and stimulated" by the contemporary public art which is exhibited as part of SCAPE.  The Trust gifts at least one of the art works included in the Biennial to Christchurch city with every exhibition, thereby enhancing the urban centre and raising the profile for public art in Christchurch.

A major specialty of the SCAPE team is the process of matching artists with industry, materials, intellectual property and resources to enable the production of new innovative artworks, activating and involving communities in the exploration of contemporary art.

SCAPE also works to create a national and international dialogue about the role of public art.  A new curatorial team, which includes both local and international curators, is invited for each Biennial.  The team aims to include artists that represent an equal division of Christchurch-based, national and international artists. Each Biennial is structured around a theme, such as ‘Don't Misbehave' in 2006 and ‘Wandering Lines' in 2008.

Adrienne, Lady Stewart plays a vital role in the promotion and development of the Art & Industry Biennial Trust as Governing Patron.  Lady Stewart sits on the Board of Trustees and assisted in commissioning the permanent work Flour Power by Regan Gentry in Stewart Plaza.   Her support continued as she selected the Art & Industry Biennial Trust as recipient of a $10,000 donation when she was acknowledged with the 2009 Arts Foundation Award for Patronage.  The donation is to be used towards a new dedicated education and public programme component for SCAPE 2010.

"It is vital that New Zealand has a vibrant arts culture to involve not only our residents but overseas visitors. We have such a diverse cultural mix which is on show to the world. I am happy to be involved in raising consciousness about the arts. Art makes you think and tells us about who we are, enriching our communities in every sense of the word." 
- Adrienne, Lady Stewart

Arts Foundation artists that have been included in SCAPE are Eve Armstrong and Ronnie van Hout.  Laureate Julia Morison is on the curatorial team for the 2010 SCAPE exhibition.

Adrienne, Lady Stewart and Deborah McCormick (Director, Art & Industry Biennial Trust) at the 2009 Award for Patronage. Photo by Ken Baker.