The Arts Foundation

2019 Springboard

The Springboard awards aim to kickstart arts careers for at least four young artists in Aotearoa, thanks to funding from our community and support from our business club and alumni of Laureates.

A new award programme for the Arts Foundation, Springboard supports several artists each year with a financial award of $15,000, alongside a partnership with a senior artist mentor, a past Arts Foundation Laureate or New Generation Award winner, to help assist them with the next aspect of their career, bringing the award value to $25,000.

The Arts Foundation artist liaisons and trustees are currently investigating the best process for the Springboard awards which are intended for young creatives aspiring to kickstart their career as an artist.

The process will be announced during Arts Month in September and funds will be raised at New Zealand Arts Ball on 31 August.

If you would like to know more about the process when it’s launched, please contact Arts Foundation Lead, Jo Blair:

If you would like to contribute to the Springboard awards programme and you are not attending the ball, please contact Arts Foundation Lead, Jo Blair:

2019 Recipients