Auckland Writers & Readers Festival

The Auckland Writers and Readers Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2010. Regarded as a "world-class Festival of Ideas and Literature", the Festival brings together authors and their readership to promote the joy of writing and reading to a New Zealand audience. The Festival has become a highlight of Auckland's cultural calendar and a must for serious book lovers.

Dame Jenny Gibbs has been a long-time supporter of the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival.  She chose to donate $10,000 to the Festival in 2007 as part of the Arts Foundation Award for Patronage.

The Festival is based around a series of lectures, forums and presentations where writers and book makers talk about their practice.  Presentations are made by International and New Zealand authors.  The line-up includes writers of a wide variety of writing genres, including prose, poetry, script and playwrights and non-fiction writers, as well as illustrators.

"A major motivation for me in working on [the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival] is that it's exactly what I needed in my adolescence, student days, and even 30s, and it just didn't exist.  There's nothing like being taken out of your own little world into the realm of another's through words, laughter, inspiring snippets of advice and asides - there's always something that stays with me from an author appearance."
- Jill Rawnsley, Artistic Director, Auckland Writers & Readers Festival 

In addition to the central programme, there are a number of other events such as poetry readings, a Poetry Idol competition, writing workshops, schools programme, book signings and a number of free events.  The Festival also runs its own bookshop.

Originally named the Auckland Writers' Festival, the Festival is now run by the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival Charitable Trust.

The diverse programme of the Festival has attracted the talents of many writers, musicians, film makers and visual artists that are associated with the Arts Foundation.  They include:

Click on the artist's name to see Witi Ihimaera and Ian Wedde talk to BookTV at the 2010 Auckland Writers and Readers Festival.