Jack Body


Guest lecturer, Akademi Musik Indonesia 1976-77

Lecturer, School of Music, Victoria University of Wellington since 1980 (Associate Professor since 1997


1976 First Prize, Bourges Competition for electroacoustic music (Musik dari Jalan)

2001 Officer, Order of Merit of NZ (OMNZ) for services to music, photography & education

2002 Lilburn Trust Award for Services to New Zealand Music

2002 Classical Album of the Year (for Pulse CD), NZ Music Awards

2005 NZ Arts Foundation Laureate Award

2008 NZ Film award (with John Gibson) for the best film score (Rain of the Children)

2009 Prize, Trivium, Programme Music Category, Bourges Competition for electroacoustic music (IMEB) (Intimate History No.2 Sssteve)

Featured composer

2000 (April 6-8) Visiting Composers Series, College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, USA

2001 New Music New Zealand Edinburgh, Scotland

2003 Other Minds Festival in San Francisco, USA

2004 Composer Portrait concert in the NZ International Festival.

2004 Atlas Ensemble. Holland Festival Ensemble in Residence

2004 Encuentros International Festival in Buenos Aires.

2005 New Music Works, Santa Cruz, USA.

2006 Neue Musik aus Neuseeland Festival, Musik Hochschule, Lübeck, Germany

2007 Art Summit Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

2007 4th International Music Festival, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2007 Brisbane Conservatory of Music, Brisbane Australia

2008, Beijing Modern Festival, Beijing

2008 Cincinnati 08 Festival. College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati

2009 Foro Internacional de Música Nueva, Mexico City & Morelia


Selected Creative work since 1997

 A. Musical Compositions: first performances

 Eights on My Teaching (for speaker and orchestra, on a poem of Lou Harrison) 1997

Commissioned by and performed at the 1997 Cabrillo Festival to mark Lou Harrison's 80th birthday.

Alley (an opera on the life in China of Rewi Alley) 1997

Produced by the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts, State Opera House, Wellington, February 1998, Concert FM broadcast 1998

Invocation for multiple choirs, organ, gamelan, shofar, bells, tape & orchestra.1998

Commissioned by St Paul's Cathedral for a gala concert to celebrate the opening of the cathedral extension, performed by five Wellington choirs, and the NZSO conducted by Philip Walsh.

Circle of Solitude for solo performer 1999

Commissioned and performed by Yoshihara Sumire, Yokohama, December 6 1999

Song Cycle (new version 2000) (with David Crossan, programming), an installation with pre-programmed diffused sound, sequenced lighting and Song Cycle banners by Ralph Hotere.

Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University of Wellington, 22 September 1999-31 January 2000

14 Stations for amplified pianist 2000

Performed by Dan Poynton, piano, Hunter Council Chamber, VUW, 30 September, 2000.

After Bach for Gamelan and Massed Violas, 2001

Commissioned by the XXIXth International Viola Conference, and performed by Gamelan Padhang Moncar with massed violas, Riley Centre, Wellington, 12 April 2001.

Songs of Nostalgia 2001

Commissioned by the Eduard van Beinum Foundation, performed by the Maarten Altena Ensemble, De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam, November 25, 2001                         

Carmen Dances 2002

Commissioned and performed by the NZSO, soloist October 25, 2002

Saetas for String Quartet. 2003

New Zealand String Quartet, (Wellington Town Hall, October 9, 2003)                                                    

Sentimental Songs for piano and percussion trio,2003

Sarah Cahill (piano) and the Other Minds Ensemble, Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco, March 7, 2003)

Love Poem (text by Rumi) for voices and organ2003

Richard Apperley and ensemble St Pauls Cathedral Wellington, September 12, 2003

In the Curve of Song, for voice and percussion, 2003

Stroma with Madeleine Pierard, St Andrews Church, Wellington, August 2, 2003

Fanfare for Bert, 2003

Commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia. Auckland Town Hall, May 1, 2003                                                                                                           

Palaran: Songs of Love and War 2004

Commissioned by the Atlas Ensemble with Budi Putra vocalist. Il Paradiso, Amsterdam. 2004 Holland Festival

Tribute to the Blues. Commissioned by the Amici Ensemble. Waekanae Town Hall. August 8th, 2004

Tribute to the Blues (revised version 2005)

Orchestra of the Musik Hochschule

July 1st, 2006, Musik Hochschule, Luebeck, Germany

Epicycle (New version, 2005)

Del Sol Quartet

7th November, 2006, Ashby Stage, Berkeley, CA

Davy St Matthew Passion (2006) (with 5 other composers)

Tudor Consort with Central Band of the RNZAF

June 2, 2006, Great Hall, Massey University)

Rainforest (2005) (CNZ Commission)


May 7, 2006, St Andrews Church

Poems of Solitary Delights for speaker and orchestra (1988 rev.2004)

NZSO in the concert Made in NZ. April 30, 2004

Tribute to the Blues 2005

Commissioned and performed by New Music Works, Santa Cruz, California, May 1. 2005.

Waiata Wahine 2005

Commissioned and performed by New Music Works, soloist Hera Black-Taute, UCSC Arboretum May 15. 2005.

Intimate History No.1: Yono 2005

Commissioned and realised in studios of IMEB, Bourges, France.

Bells of Venice, for violin, piano, glass soloist and glass orchestra. 2005

Opening of the 24th ACL Conference-Festival in Bangkok, August 17. 2005.

Remembering, electroacoustic, 2005

Performed as part of Vita Brevis, St Mary of the Angels, Wellington, November 20, 2005.

Polish Dancers for 2 clarinets, baritone saxophone and Javanese gamelan. Written for and performed by Gamelan Padhang Moncar, 9th Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival. (Yogyakarta, July 10, 2007

Fire in the Belly, violin, violoncello and piano. Commissioned and performed by the NZ Trio. Auckland, University of Auckland Music Theatre, September 11, 2007

Rainforest (version for piano trio). Written for and performed by the NZ Trio. (Indonesia Arts Summit V, Teater Luwes, TIM, Jakarta, November 19, 2007

Meditations on Michelangelo for violin and string orchestra. Commissioned by Rieko Suzuki and played in Tokyo (July 15, 2007)

Intimate History No.2: Sssteve 2008

Realised in studios of Visby International Centre for Composers, Sweden,

June 18, 2008 Cincinnati 08. College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati

My Name is Mok Bhon 2009

Commissioned and performed by the NZSO. Made in NZ, Wellington Town Hall, May 29, 2009

A House in Bali 2009 (collaborative composition with Wayan Yudane)

For Balinese gamelan, Chinese sheng, string quartet and narrator.

Adam Cocert Room, NZ School of Music, Octoner 1, 2009.


B. Recordings of works

Long-ge, Kronos Quartet

Early Music, Nonesuch, USA, 1997.


Five Melodies Dan Poynton (piano)

You Hit Him He Cry Out, Rattle, Auckland, 1997.


People Look East Auckland University Festival Choir

New Zealand Choral Music, Kiwi Pacific, Wellington, 1998


Aeolian Harp Mark Menzies (violin)

A Violin and Piano Recital, Waiteata Music Press, Wellington, 1999


Audio Portrait (excerpt)

Riverrun: Voicings (Klaus Schoening, ed) Mainz, WDR Studio of Acoustic Art, Vergo, 1999


Invocation (1998) for multiple choirs, organ, shofar, bells, tape & orchestra;

Vox Humana (1991) a composition for radio;

Song Cycle (1975/99) for voices and the sounds of wood and metal

Sacred and Profane: Compositions for Voices by Jack Body. Portal, Auckland, 2000


Sarajevo Michael Houstoun (piano)

Elusive Dreams, Trust, Wellington, 2000


African Strings Norio Sato and Kei Koh (guitars)

Salut, ALM Records, Tokyo, 2000.

Gada Yina African Maya Beiser (cello), Steven Schick (percussion)

Caught by the Sky with Fire, oodiscs, Black Rock USA, 2000.


Arum Manis (for strings quartet & tape), Kronos Quartet

Fine Music From New Zealand 3, Centre for New Zealand Music, Wellington, 2001.


Melodies for orchestra, NZSO

Campur Sari for Javanese musician with string quartet Budi Putra & the NZSQ

African Strings for two guitars Norio Sato & Kei Koh (guitars)

Three Transcriptions for string quartet NZSQ

Pulse for orchestra NZSO

Pulse, Rattle, Auckland, 2001


Aeolian Harp Alexander Ivashkin (cello)

Manu, Auckland, 2001


Turtle Time for speaker, harp, harpsichord, organ and piano

Published with the book ‘Talking Music: Conversations with New Zealand Musicians', Sarah Shieff, Auckland University Press 2002


(film) Poi, music to accompany choreograpy by Mary-Jane O'Reilly 2002  


Paradise regained (with I Wayan Gde Yudane)

Ode Records, Auckland, 2005


Tui, Korimako & Kokako, for Organ and Birdsong

Atoll Records, Auckland, 2005


Intimate Portrait No.1: Yono. 2005

Bourges, Bourges CD - Compendium International, 2007

Rainforest (fute and harp)

Atoll Records, Auckland, 2009