This waiata speaks of the changing nature in relationships between lovers. It metaphorically expresses the journey of life and love through the symbol of a fern leaf on a river. At times the leaf is at the mercy of turbulent rapids and rushing water, other times its excited by the swift currents or caressed by the deeper, calm spots in the river. All currents eventually flowing towards the sea: the symbol of boundless unity.

Special thanks to the ENTIRE crew at Velvet Stone Media for producing, directing, editing and supporting the creation of the video; to Marcus Winter & Cilla Ruha for their artistic contribution to the clip, to Mitai Village and Velvet Stone Media for the stunning locations and to 'Be Rude Not To' cafe in Rotorua for the beautiful kai. "Nau te rourou, nāku te rourou - ka ora ai te iwi" 

Director: Glen Bates
Producer: Lara Northcroft
Artists: Marcus Winter (Sand Art) & Cilla Ruha (Poi)
Location: Mitai Village Rotorua
Produced by: Velvet Stone Media