The Quiet Earth (Official Trailer)

"Geoff Murphy has taken a man-alone theme and turned it imaginatively to strong and refreshing effect in The Quiet Earth... Murphy really shows his commercial spurs in a film with a contemporary setting yet containing elements of sci-fi futurism. A cast of three might spell doom for a less accomplished and innovative hand. Murphy makes it seem an asset. The plot centers on scientist Zac Hobson who wakes one morning to discover he is alone in the world. A global top-secret energy project he has been working on has malfunctioned and altered the fabric of the universe. While humanity appears to be wiped out, all its materialistic trappings remain. For a time, Zac lives out his fantasies. Then begins a search for other survivors. He finds two - a woman, Joanne, and a man, Api. The emotions unleashed by this trio in their struggle for survival propels the story, which has an intriguing mystical dimension, to a shattering conclusion. The film is notable for high production values: photography, special effects, sound mixing and music are among the best-integrated of any Kiwi feature to date. Acting isn't far behind. Lawrence, a veteran of NZ films turns in a performance that is funny and moving, while Pete Smith makes a bold debut. But it is Alison Routledge who is the real find. Possessing a special, delicate, Maddona-like beauty, she invests Joanne with sparky intelligence and strength." - Mike Nicolaidi, Variety, 15 May 1985