John Psathas - Between Zero and One (global music group)

Between Zero and One is the title track of the show with the same name, premiered by New Zealand's Strike Percussion.

The contributors in this video are;
Leila Adu, New York
Adam Page, Wellington
Serj Tankian, Los Angeles
Matt Penman, New York
Petros Kourtis, Athens
John Psathas, Wellington
Warren Maxwell, Featherston
Lara St. John and Iggy Cain, New York
Pedro Carneiro, Lisbon
Michael Gavriel, Wellington
Pei-Ching Wu, Taipei
Kostas Theodorakos, Athens
Julia Coolikova, Moscow
Louis van der Mespel, Wellington
Anna-Marie Alloway, , Wellington
John Roxburgh, Wellington
Salina Fisher, Wellington
Annabel Drummond, Wellington
Sophia Labropoulou Athens
Alex Ware, Wellington
Jack Hooker, Wellington
Video editing Tim Gruchy.
Contributor's on screen names Sotiris Beckas 

This show will next be performed at the NZ Festival of the Arts in Wellington on March 10th 2014.