Firestarters (zones of darkness and unexpected light

From NZ Trio: The piece de resistance was a newly commissioned work by New Zealand composer Phil Dadson entitled Firestarters (zones of darkness and unexpected light). The stage was darkened, after an assortment of experimental instruments had been assembled. An additional violin and cello were laid flat with brass rods through their strings, and "osti-fans", small enough to be hand-held, were used to produce a ventilator effect inside the piano and on the stringed instruments. The Steinway was stuffed with stones and golf-balls. Nothing is sacred for Dadson, founder of percussion group From Scratch. There were eerie, seductive sirens, whilstling bird sounds, bowing of the insides of the piano, drumming of the cello and violin boxes, slap pizzicato, buzzing motorised sounds produced by the osti-fans, and blowing into the cello f-holes. Throughout, there was a degree of risk and absurdity. But it worked. The audience was intrigued.