'Deep Water' installation (screen 1 of 3)

 Phil Dadson

This video and digital still series continue a direction of performance and video works begun in the mid 70s, based on triadic structure and dynamics: works such as Triad 1, Triad 4, Gung Ho 1,2.3D, Uncharted Crossing, 3DMusic, Three Short Films & others. Deep Water extends the preoccupations of two earlier video meditations in particular; Uncharted Crossing (1989) and Chthonian Pulse (Polar Projects, 2004), where a worldupsidedown view of landscape and water, its refractive surface and sounds, intersect with reflections on geometry, nature, signs and portents.

Deep Water screened at Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland early in 2011.  It also screened as a short, in the 2011 New Zealand International Film Festival.