Are you a donor who wants to support an artist or project of your choosing? Do you know an artist or project that needs support?
Here's how the Arts Foundation can help.

If you have a specific artist or project that you would like to support, talk to us, make your donation, and we will take care of the rest. We then make a grant to the project you have selected that is equivalent to the amount you have donated, less a small amount retained for administration. The project can be an event, show, film, work in development, an artist or anything that supports New Zealand arts. As long as the donation and the project meet normal criteria, your donation will qualify for a tax credit. 

We can help you mount a campaign to support an artist or project and manage the donations for you. There are some terms and conditions and in most cases the amount raised will be no less than $5,000. 5% of the donation up to $15,000, and 2% of any funds more than that, are retained by the Foundation to help run this programme. 

Artists needing funds for a project can contact us. We may be able to accept donations for your project and/or refer you to our crowdfunding platform Boosted. We help artists build deeper relationships with their audiences to inspire new donors to the arts.

Giving to the arts is a dynamic way to be part of the arts community and inspires exciting results. We welcome your ideas so that together- through art – we can spark bright moments every day that make the world a better place. 

Get in touch if you would like to support a project with the Arts Foundation.