Do you think there is an art form that needs a boost? Can you, or a group of people you know, make a game-changing gift to the arts?

Establish a fund with us and we will invest the donation in perpetuity and use the income to support the project instigated by you.  ​​

For example, you might want to support a specific art form, region or provide general support to the arts. You can also establish a fund that allows you to choose the recipients. ​​

Capital donations, legacies or a transfer of assets from individuals or trusts can be placed in a Designated Purposes Fund, Donor Advised Fund or simply donated to the Arts Foundation. ​​

How much would it cost? To give you an idea, a $200,000 donation would generate enough funds to create and administer a new award of $10,000 for presentation every two years.

Unless the funds provided are a loan, the donation becomes the property of the Arts Foundation and can be controlled by a legally binding deed of sub-trust or added to our general funds. You can have a say in the terms and conditions of the deed of sub-trust if you elect to create one with us. ​​

Designated Purposes Fund is established for a specific purpose that the Arts Foundation administers and controls. We select recipients of grants following guidelines we establish with you. ​​

Donor Advised Funds give you the role of selecting recipients. You act as an advisor to Arts Foundation Trustees who will normally approve your suggestions as long as the suggestions are consistent with the purposes of the Arts Foundation. If it is for the arts, it’s usually okay.​​​

Contact us if you, or a group, would like to establish a fund with the Arts Foundation. 


The Arts Foundation recovers any direct costs of managing programmes from these funds and retains the equivalent of 1% of the capital sum per annum to assist with its general administration costs. Donors that set up funds with us automatically become Patrons of the Arts Foundation and can name their fund. ​