Inspiring Partners

Our partners not only fund our engine room, they are part of it! We have close working relationships with them all. We build events together, develop marketing programmes, design and print beautiful marketing material and keep the office working. Our partners help ensure that whomever we communicate with, or entertain, has a wonderful experience. But most of all, our partners help us honour artists.

Platinum Partners

Iceberg is a creative company that creates brands, digital experiences and video content.

They pride themselves in taking the time to get to know their clients, their business, their customers and their people. They know asking the right questions gets the right results.


Gold Partners

Yeastie Boys are the dynamic duo of New Zealand's craft beer scene. With brews ranging from Pot Kettle Black to Hud-a-wa' Strong, each variety is like a work of art. Yeastie Boys are supporting the Arts Foundation to provide our guests with fine beer expertly crafted by artists using materials such as grains, hops, yeast and a healthy dose of creativity and innovation.

Gladstone Vineyard believes that beautiful wine, like the arts, is good for the soul. Their partnership with the Arts Foundation is a match made in heaven, or more specifically, on the old riverbed of Ruamahanga River, Gladstone. Owner and chief winemaker Christine Kernohan says, “As wine sponsor of the Arts Foundation we hope to be able to boost their impact when bringing together artists, donors and supporters of the arts. We are proud to be able to contribute to an organisation that is such a strong supporter of New Zealand artists."

It's nice to know when people are talking about you!  Sentia Media tell us when we are in the news so that we can track how effective we are at promoting our awards and the artists that receive them.

From the very beginning, when preparing the Deed of Trust, the Arts Foundation has enjoyed the support of Kensington Swan. We are very grateful for excellent legal services provided by Kensington Swan, they are committed, great collaborators and provide us with the confidence to tackle anything.

Our printers won the first ever Pride in Print Supreme Award; they also won the second.  In fact, they are the most awarded printers in the 20 year history of the awards. Touring McCollam's factory floor is a sensual experience; the smell of ink and fresh paper is addictive. This may be why the team there love print so much. McCollam's also shares our love of the work and stories of our finest artists. To bring these stories to life, we need the finest printers, and we've got them.

Go Media Limited is the largest independent outdoor media provider in New Zealand. They are a progressive media supplier for agencies and direct clients seeking outdoor media solutions within New Zealand. Their mission is to deliver exceptional, highly personalised media solutions to clients, ensuring they receive premium brand exposure.

Silver Partners

Running a charitable trust is a complex business. Strategic IT advice from Henrietta makes it a lot easier!

Keeping us in copiers and printers since 2003.

Boosted Partners

With support from the Lion Foundation, the Arts Foundation is revolutionising the way the arts are funded in New Zealand. We expect to generate millions in new generations for the arts via