Who solved the riddle? — 04.11.10

Congratulations to the people who guessed the names of the 2010 Laureates. We have prizes going to Lyn Howe, Jo Burgess and friends; Katherine Buess; Felicity Connell, Kristen Gillespie and Kit Toogood

Lyn Howe and Kristen Gillespie, accept there gift packs from Executive Director Simon Bowden, 2 November 2010, Dunedin.  Image by Emily Hlavac

The invitation to this year's Laureate Awards included a riddle, prepared by poet Jenny Bornholdt, with clues to each of the five artists.   We were thrilled with the response to this.   In total four people guessed all five artists.  A name was pulled out of a hat by Laureate John Parker, to select the fifth from a number of people who guessed four of the recpients.

We were also thrilled with this particular response from Kristen Gillespie, one of the people who cracked all five Laureate riddles:

1.       The Robbers looked mean and their horses did whinny The cleric on board was young Stuart Devenie

2.       A potter by trade and designer of sets John Parker's my guess, please tell me it's yes.

3.       A footstep Man or a really sharp shot Leon Narby's the answer I hope ... is it not?

4.      Number 4 shines so brightly, a real superstar One Gareth (also Lilith) from the Family of Farr

5.       A bold choreographer of fabulous dance The name Michael Parmenter is my very last chance