Two heads better than one — 31.05.17

Two heads better than one in Gladstone Vineyard/Yeastie Boys collaboration for the Arts Foundation

A unique collaboration between Gladstone Vineyard and Yeastie Boys is celebrating the creativity and innovation of the Arts Foundation and the artists it supports, and challenging people to think past traditional wine and beer boundaries.

Right now you can purchase three bottles of the wine and three bottles of the beer at a special price of $140. With every purchase, Gladstone Vineyard and Yeastie Boys will donate $20 to a Boosted project. Buy now for Christmas. 
Pushmi, a co-ferment of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier, and Pullyu, a strong white ale incorporating some ‘Pushmi’ wine, have been produced for the Arts Foundation and will be on limited public release next month through selected retailers.

The collaboration gives a nod to Dr Doolittle’s two-headed creature and encourages New Zealanders to see wine and beer in a new light, as both creative, interchangeable and unique.
Stu McKinlay, Yeastie Boys Benevolent Dictator says the Pushmi-Pullyu concept appealed because of the inherent tension between beer and wine.
“People tend to label themselves as either wine or beer people. Wine has trouble breaking out of its very traditional box and beer has trouble being taken seriously as something more than a BBQ accompaniment.”
He says creating something creative in honour of the Arts Foundation was a no brainer.
“Whether it’s experimenting with ingredients, or getting jiggy with some one-off labelling, we love creativity and innovation.”
Gladstone Vineyard’s owner and chief winemaker Christine Kernohan says Gladstone Vineyard also likes to push boundaries and explore new opportunities. 
“For us, this wine and the collaboration with Yeastie Boys allowed us try something a bit different, all in support of the Arts Foundation.”
Arts Foundation Executive Director Simon Bowden says the unique collaboration acknowledges the creativity, artistry and innovation that is at the heart of the Arts Foundation.
“We love to do things differently, to challenge the status quo, and luckily for us, our brilliant partners Gladstone Vineyard and Yeastie Boys do too. We’re thrilled that this collaboration was inspired by Arts Foundation artists. It is a celebration of New Zealand innovation and collaboration, which we believe, pave the way to a bright future.”

Pushmi: tasting notes
Pushmi is an exciting co-ferment of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier showcasing the best of both varieties. Co-fermented, with 50% in old barrels to add weight to the wine, the batches were kept on the lees for an extended period with fortnightly stirring to promote palate weight. Grapefruit, mandarin, peach and apricot leap from the nose to the palate, balanced by an underlying minerality and texture that evolves as you sip. Pushmi is a generous full-flavoured beast with a finish that just keeps giving. Drink now or cellar for the next three years – if you can – this is a real performer that will develop beautifully with age.
pH: 3.21, TA 6.83g/l, residual sugar: 1.3g/l, alcohol: 13.5%
RRP $31.50 (750ml bottle)
Pullyu: tasting notes
Pullyu is a strong (yet nuanced and delicate) white ale that returns to the concept of our 2014 Spoonbender series. To create this beer, we’ve taken some of Gladstone Vineyard’s ‘Pushmi’ white wine, and produced a candi sugar for use alongside the malts and hops.  It will make a perfect aperitif...Look for subtle spice and white wine notes on the nose, which integrate with the soft cereal breadth across the palate, with a very gentle cleansing finish. This beer comes in at 7% ABV, with only 20 IBU of bitterness.
RRP $18.40 (750ml bottle)

Media contacts:
Gladstone Vineyard: Christine Kernohan 021 509 100
Yeastie Boys: Stu McKinlay +44 7909 432770
Arts Foundation: Anna Edgington 027 936 8571
Sales contacts:
Gladstone Vineyard: Christine Kernohan 021 509 100
Yeastie Boys: Greg Allen  0204 987 321