This is Our Time — 02.06.17

To reach our full potential, to have a life filled with wonder, expression and innovation, we need the arts. With the arts in our lives, we have more capacity for imagination, connection and engaging with the most important issues of our time.

We have experienced this first-hand through the time we have spent with Arts Foundation artists and their work. We are told this by the great people who want to support artists by becoming Patrons of the Arts Foundation. We have witnessed the impact of the arts on the next generation when we take artists into schools.

Through the ages, artists have been at the apex of human development. Their ideas have inspired creative leaps, human understanding and movements for positive change. The joy we get from music, visual arts, dance, theatre, literature and screens is immeasurable.

But are the arts embraced by society as they should be? Is the value of the arts understood in all the right places? At the Arts Foundation, we care deeply about the role of the arts in the national consciousness. If you do too, then join us.

Become a Patron, from $6 a week, and support, celebrate and connect with important New Zealand artists. Selected without knowing they are under consideration, we surprise artists with awards of up to $50,000 made up of donations from Patrons. The awards enable great artists to create significant work for us, and future generations, to engage with and learn from.

By following our news in your inbox and on social media, and sharing this with your friends, you can help spread the good word about the power of the arts in society.

This is our time. Together we can ensure the arts are at the centre of human experience and that artists are valued as great New Zealanders.