The Arts Foundation welcomes Mayor Meng Foon as a Trustee — 13.05.16

Meng Foon, the Mayor of Gisborne, has joined the Arts Foundation as a Trustee.

Mr Foon joins seven other trustees following a recommendation from Derek Lardelli, who has served as a Trustee since early 2013. The Trustees are an essential part of the Arts Foundation, as they support the Foundation in its role of encouraging and managing philanthropic support of the arts.

Meng is delighted to join the Trustees of the Arts Foundation, and is looking forward to attending his first meeting and getting himself acquainted with the business of the Arts Foundation.

"I am impressed by the good work the Arts Foundation does throughout New Zealand and would love to participate in growing the fund to help more artists in our very creative country," he says.

Meng has a passion for the arts as the Chair of the Local Arts in Public Places, and he has also dabbled in painting.

As president of the New Zealand Chinese Association he has strong relationships and is passionate about connecting the Asian creative community and keen Asian philanthropic community to add more value to the diversity of our nation's creative minds.

Meng holds a number of governance roles and is always keen to positively contribute to New Zealand society.

Arts Foundation marketing co-ordinator, Anna Edgington says Mr Lardelli recommended Mr Foon as being “a real connector of people and cultures”.

 “We try to get as many experts in from different walks of life and different areas of the country as we can,” she says.

“We want to connect with as many arts appreciators as possible.”

The Arts Foundation is delighted to have Meng Foon on board.