Tales from the Netherworld — 30.01.13

'Tales from the Netherworld' a new collection of short stories from Jo Randerson.

A collection of twelve short stories journeying between mundane reality and another stranger world that hovers just beneath its surface. In these tales construction workers wonder why their foreign workmate can't fly, a goblin causes chaos in a hospital ward, a widow admits to a premonition of her husband's death. This is a darkly comic world inhabited by ghosts, monsters, beasts, and people just (or maybe not quite) like us. A king struggles to love his untalented son, a businessman disconnects from reality in a Paris airport, a mother grapples with the implications of quantum physics, and a little boy who can talk to the dead learns to silence their voices.

These are alternative fables, ethical grapplings with a surprising and often powerfully moving perspective. Characters find release and transformation by encountering the unknown. A dead antelope laments the betrayal of his last wishes.

$25, with a postage cost of $5.  

The book is also available from publishers Steele Roberts and at independent bookseller Unity Books.