Tale of a Tail by Margaret Mahy — 07.04.14

Kim Knight from 'The Press' reveals the truth behind Margaret Mahy's last book 'Tale of a Tail' illustrated by Tony Ross (Hachette New Zealand, $19.99, released April 2014)

Kim Knight writes: "The Sunday Star Times has learned Mahy's final book, scheduled for first release here on Tuesday, was a commission from a world famous photographer and the son of one of Poland's richest men.

Tomasz Gudzowaty said he negotiated the book with Mahy because he was "seeking a way to share that feeling, that experience" of his friendship with his dog Naykee. "When the thought about the book crossed my mind for the first time, Naykee was in perfect health, and it might seem that our friendship - I think it's a proper word for our relationship - would last forever," Gudzowaty said."

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