Selected Poems by Bill Manhire — 11.02.14

Bill Manhire's 'Selected Poems' published at the end of January in the UK and is reviewed in the UK Sunday Times

For its best-loved poet, Bill Manhire, New Zealand is an island nation of "wide horizons... amazing cloud...two coasts crushing the interior". Open to wonder yet enclosed by place, his writing has long resonated with his contemporaries, who made him their first poet laureate in 1996. Out in the South Pacific, "drifting above / Antarctica's white flower", Manhire tunes into the far-off poetic traditions of America and Europe. Triangulating their influence at the edge of their known world, he has made himself an original modern voice.

Readers unfamiliar with Manhire's work are advised to make landfall in the middle of Selected Poems at his 1985 collection, Zoetropes.

From The Sunday Times, Great Britain


Selected Poems is available in New Zealand from Victoria University Press and from Carcanet Press in the UK