SCAPE 2010 Christchurch — 13.09.10

The planned SCAPE 2010 Christchurch Biennial of Art in Public Space will not go ahead this month

Bob Blyth, chairman of Art & Industry Biennial Trust, says with so much of the central city damaged and many of their industry partners involved in the recovery effort, the trustees have decided to postpone the event.
"The city needs our industry partners to keep helping Christchurch re-establish its infrastructure.  That is undoubtedly where their expertise is needed and we applaud the way they are working to get Christchurch functioning again," he says.  
"In addition, some sites that were to be the backdrop for artists' projects have also been damaged or demolished in the earthquake.
"A lot of work by artists and project teams had gone into preparing for SCAPE 2010 and we are disappointed not to be able to stage the event, but this is clearly not the time to do so."
Mr Blyth says the SCAPE Team and Trust will meet later this month to discuss holding the event at a later date.

The Art & Industry Biennial Trust were recipients of an Arts Foundation Award for Patronage donation from Adrienne, Lady Stewart in 2009.