Record results at year end — 07.08.15

The preliminary results are in for the year ending 30 June 2015 (pre-audit), and it looks like we are on track to achieve record results.

The amount of funds granted to arts projects this year is $1,088,536, that's a 32% increase on last year's results.

$723,526 has been granted to Boosted projects and $365,000 has been given to artists as Awards.

In addition, the campaign to secure the Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship in perpetuity, is going very well and is on track to raise a capital sum of $800,000.

The Arts Foundation also received notification of a considerable legacy, bringing the total amount of funds promised to the Foundation to over $30 million.

These results reflect extraordinary generosity from thousands of New Zealanders, and some international donors too. They also represent real growth in philanthropy for the arts and a significant contribution to the arts in New Zealand. If you have made a donation to the arts this year, take a bow. You are part of a growing movement that values the arts as a major and important contributor to our lives.

Our full year end results will be published in our annual report later this year.