Raewyn Hill - travelling the world — 20.09.10

Choreographer Raewyn Hill has just returned, with Dancenorth (Australia) from a two week residency in New York. Find our where you can see her work 'A dance for sixteen'......

Raewyn Hill (Award for Patronage donation recipient from Adrienne, Lady Stewart), has just returned from a two week residency at Baryshnikov Arts Centre in New York, where she was artist in residence with Dancenorth. Dancenorth continued creating a new work called Black Crows. Raewyn said "it was a spectacular residency, with a final showing attended by actor Dan Hedaya and Mikhail Baryshnikov! Baryshnikov was very complimentary about the work, asking questions about the concept and saying that the work was very beautiful."

New Zealand audiences will get to see 'A dance for sixteen' a work Raewyn created on the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2007, which has been set on New Zealand School of Dance, Wellington, for this year's graduation season.

In October Raewyn will be traveling to Macau where Dancenorth where they will be performing at Macau Culture Centre, presenting New Zealander Ross McCormacks Nowhere Fast.

Mid October Raewyn will be returning to New York to create a work for Juilliard students alongside international choreographers Lucca Veggeti, Stjen Cellis and Matthew Neena to be presented at the Sharp Theatre, Lincoln Centre, New York in December.