Philanthropy in the USA - Two — 08.08.10

Simon Bowden reports in from the USA. See his first videos exploring private giving to the arts.

The Arts Foundation's Executive Director is in the United States as a guest of the State Department. He is on a International Leadership Visitor Programme to learn about philanthropy. He has spent just under a week in Washington DC meeting major arts institutions such as the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Simon says "I am hugely grateful to the United States Government for this programme. I already have some valuable information to take home and we are just warming up".

Before leaving he promised colleagues in the arts community in New Zealand that he would post things he learnt about private giving to the arts as video logs on

This first posting is in six short parts. It is a edited discussion with Florian Habitch in his New York apartment. Florian is nearing the end of his Harriet Frielander New York Residency. The videos are filmed on the Foundation's MacBook Pro and edited with iMovie. 

The photo above is the donor board at Jazz at the Lincoln Centre in New York city. 

The first video explores the culture of volunteering in the United States and its importance in cultivating philanthropists.

This next video examines the use of meta data and research in gaining the confidence of donors.

Video three discusses the role of development boards and trustees as committed fundraisers. 

Video four considers matching. 

The fifth video explores the importance of leadership.

The last video provides tips on writing letters to seek donations. Florian asks Simon what he thinks needs to happen in New Zealand and the video ends with the time it takes to cultivate support.