Philanthropy in the USA - Three — 16.08.10

Simon Bowden checks in from the USA with his New York report.

Arts Foundation Executive Director, Simon Bowden, is in the United States to learn about arts philanthropy. His trip is sponsored by the State Department. Simon is sharing his insights through a series of videos recorded while on the road.

The following videos are recorded with Randy Gist in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but focus on knowledge gained while in New York. Randy is a saxophone player who has recently graduated from the University of West Michigan. Simon saw Randy perform at "The Union" in Kalamazoo.

The image above is of the "donor sidewalk" at the Civic Theatre in Kalamazoo. 

In the first video Randy recounts an extraordinary act of philanthropy. 


This video outlines the simple steps for seeking donations and the importance of a lead donor. 


Venues and festivals may be interested in this video which explores the role of the development department.


Leveraging volunteers is explored in this video.