Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward Lealand patrons - Q Theatre — 03.03.11

Q Theatre has honoured two of Auckland's most experienced theatre practitioners as its patrons - Michael Hurst (Laureate) and Jennifer Ward Lealand.


Q Theatre is honoured to recognise two of Auckland's most experienced theatre practitioners as its patrons. Jennifer Ward Lealand and Michael Hurst (Laureate).

The mid-sized, flexi-form theatre will open its doors in less than seven months, an achievement that can be credited in large part to the support and advocacy of Auckland's passionate theatre practitioners. General Manager, Susanne Ritzenhoff says, "Jennifer and Michael are two of Q Theatre's truly marvellous champions. For over a decade they have imparted their experiences, voices and time to ensure that this wonderful cultural landmark can be delivered to not only the performing arts community but for all of Auckland to use and enjoy."

The theatre's new patrons are both officers of the New Zealand Order of Merit and have over 60 years of experience in theatre, television and film between them. It is this vast and comprehensive industry experience in Auckland and overseas that has formed a strong foundation in their belief that Q is a much needed home for the performing arts.

"Many of us in the industry have striven for a purpose built, adaptable, user-friendly space that we can be truly proud of," says Michael, "a venue that supports the artist in their creativity, that brings respect and value to the performing arts and that serves as a great meeting place for people who enjoy live performance, or who may be experiencing it for the first time. This is it.

We are proud and delighted to be associated with Q Theatre - to speak for it, stand by it and support it as we move into this new decade and onwards"

For more information, please contact Candice de Villiers,  309 8324 or visit www.qtheatre.co.nz


Q Theatre will open in September 2011 and will be a mid-sized professional performing arts venue in the heart of Auckland at 305 Queen Street. Q Theatre's size, scale and flexibility will fill a gap in Auckland's theatre needs. This sustainable venue will showcase a diverse range of performing arts disciplines from mid-career and senior artists, making exciting and creative experiences accessible to a variety of audiences.

As well as providing an important addition to the Auckland region's existing arts and entertainment venues Q Theatre aims to provide a venue where actors and other professional performing artists can develop their careers in Auckland, provide a meeting place for artists and audiences, and become a hub for the performing arts in Auckland as well as be a place that the city can be proud of both artistically and architecturally.

The venue will include a 350 - 450 seat auditorium (stage and seating can be reconfigured), a 120 seat studio space, vibrant café and bar, rehearsal areas as well as a function / Theatre in education space.