Love Cake — 28.07.11

Win tickets - in the Arts Foundation’s great cake hunt!

We are running a competition to win tickets to Florian Habicht's new film, Love Story - screening at the Wellington Film Festival, 6 August.

One year into his New York residency, courtesy of the Arts Foundation and the Harriet Friedlander Scholarship Trust, and with only a few weeks to go, Florian Habicht had a realisation. While he had been funded to live in New York with no obligation to produce any work, the city provided him with the opportunity of a lifetime to make a film. So, he called some close collaborators, engaged a couple of locals, and decided to make a full feature film. As his crew made their way to New York he had yet another realisation, he had no script!  However, he did know how the film should begin: A man falls in love with a woman holding a price of cake on the subway, they go in separate directions and the man then goes on a mission to find her.

Wondering where the story could go next, and in a moment of inspiration, Florian grabbed his camera and hit the streets of New York. He asked New Yorkers to give him ideas for the film and videoed their responses. While watching the footage of the interviews he realised that the film could be made through ideas gathered on the streets - i.e. a pick-a-path film.

The result is a remarkable documentary/drama hybrid that is receiving critical acclaim since it launched the 2011 New Zealand International Film Festival.  For the Arts Foundation, the film is a wonderful realisation of the Harriet Friedlander New York Residency. Harriet wanted the residency recipient to experience New York City, its vibrancy and its people.  Floiran's film embodies his experience of the people of New York City and, in a sense, brings his experience home for all of us to share.

The film, Love Story, will go on general release in New Zealand this year. Subject to ticket availability, it can be seen in the 2011 New Zealand Film Festival. Florian has given the Arts Foundation a few tickets give away to the Wellington premier on August 6. In the spirit of the film we are running a little competition:

Search our website and send us the url locations of three separate images: two of the main character, Marsha, holding a piece of cake, one of a piece of cake, and also, the link on the Arts Foundation's page to the film's facebook page.  Think cake! 


Florian popped into our office (or as he calls it, ‘ground control') on 21 July  to chat about the film with Arts Foundation Executive Director, Simon Bowden and, we filmed it. Enjoy: