Let's Get Boosted! — 04.08.11

Arts Foundation to give the arts a real boost!

Arts Foundation Trustees have resolved, subject to due diligence, to build a crowdfunding website that is expected to generate millions in new funding for the arts.

Crowdfunding websites enable arts projects to attract donations. Over $80 million has been raised in two years via crowdfunding channels for creative projects in the United States.

The Arts Foundation's crowdfunding site will be located at www.boosted.org.nz. Artists will be invited to build profiles of projects that need support using video, images and text. The Arts Foundation will publish a fundraising goal with a deadline. The project will be promoted to donors via email and social media.

Check out established crowdfunding sites for a better understanding:

United States Artists

www.boosted.org.nz will have exciting points of difference to other crowdfunding sites. Projects applying to www.boosted.org.nz will go through a quick and easy approval process to ensure their project can be funded by the Arts Foundation. Any legitimate arts project, from high school musical to professional theatre, will be supported via the site. The pre-approval process will increase donor confidence in the project. People will pledge funds to the Arts Foundation for the project that they would like to support; this will enable them to get a tax rebate on their donation. The Foundation will grant funds raised to any project that meets its funding goal by the deadline and return pledges to donors for projects that don't meet their target.

The Arts Foundation's knowledge of private giving to the arts in New Zealand is as good as it gets. Artists with projects on www.boosted.org.nz will get the latest advice regarding generating philanthropic support for the arts.

The Arts Foundation predicts www.boosted.org.nz will be generating $3 to $5 million annually in new funding for the arts within three years. This project is an Arts Foundation initiative inspired by, Executive Director, Simon Bowden's trip to America to study philanthropy in 2010. The project is also a response to a Ministerial Taskforce report commissioned by the Hon Chris Finlayson, Minister for Arts Culture and Heritage, which investigated ways to grow private giving to the arts in New Zealand.

More information: www.boosted.org.nz

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Above: ‘The Trust's Trash to Fashion Awards 2006'. Director, performance elements imagery design and creation by Kate Parker, New Generation Award recipient. Photo by: Glenda Roberts.