Kaitangata Twitch finalist in prestigious competition for children's television — 06.05.10

Margaret Mahy (Icon) wrote "Kaitangata Twitch" has won the top prize at a film festiva the 2010 WorldFest in Houston,USA. The series a finalist in the Prix Jeunesse tp be announced 3 June.

Margaret Mahy (Icon) wrote Kaitangata Twitch which has been made into a film which has been selected as a finalist in the world's most prestigious competition for children's television - the Prix Jeunesse - competing in the fiction category for 7-11 year olds. The awards, to be held in Munich, Germany, will announce the winners on 3rd June 2010 (NZ time).

The drama series has won the top prize at a film festival in the United States.

Kaitangata Twitch, which began screening on Maori Television on May 2, beat out international competition to win the Platinum Award at the 2010 WorldFest in Houston, Texas. WorldFest was founded in 1961 and its previous participants have included top directors Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Ridley Scott.

"Kaitangata Twitch deals with a number of strong themes over 13 x half hours: Conservation of the environment; the breakdown of family and young people finding their identity and their place within the world and their own mixed race family. 

Commissioned by Maori Television, Kaitangata Twitch will screen in New Zealand from Sunday May 2nd at 7.00pm. 
The Production Shed.TV series is distributed internationally by Canadian-based Lenz Entertainment and will also air in Canada, Sweden and on ABC TV in Australia.

The series also features an island that eats people! Bringing the island to life has been in the hands of CGI wizard Ken Gorrie of Ian Taylor's Animation Research Ltd (ARL).

Briar Grace-Smith, (Laureate) was involved in adapting the book for television.  The series was shot in High Definition on location in Governor's Bay outside Christchurch (where Margaret lives). Composer Gareth Farr created the haunting soundtrack maximizing the talents of Richard Nunns (Laureate).

George Henare (Laureate) plays the "mysterious" old man.

The $6 million family drama series is produced by Chris Hampson producer with Dorothee Pinfold and Yvonne Mackay Executive Producers.