John Drawbridge mural moves galleries — 02.04.14

A massive mural by Wellington artist John Drawbridge has been moved out of the National Archives to be seen in its full glory in the Cotton Building, Victoria University.

The John Drawbridge mural, which is 15m long, was moved from the Archives for installations at its new home at Victoria University in March, 2014.

John Drawbridge was commissioned to do the work for New Zealand House in London and completed it in 1963. It was designed as an abstract view across New Zealand, including the pattern of paddocks on the Canterbury Plains seen from the air. Each of the 10 panels is 3m tall by 1.5m wide.  It has been stored at the Archives since 1991.

The giant work was too big for its position at the archives - it was supposed to be displayed in a straight line, but was forced to take a dogleg at one end.


[New Zealand House mural - detail] 1963, 2400 x 20,000, oil on canvas.  Moved from National Archives to Victoria University