John Drawbridge Memorial Trust — 25.08.10

The John Drawbridge Memorial Trust is giving secondary schools a copy of the book 'John Drawbridge' and the DVD 'Aspiring' as a gift.

John was one of New Zealand's most significant visual artists. He worked in fields as diverse as oil and watercolour painting, large public murals, printmaking and stained glass.  He was a posthumous recipient of a donation from Arts Foundation Award for Patronage recipients Denis & Verna Adam.   This donation helped toward the publication of the book ' John Drawbridge'  (Ron Sang Publications).

The Trust acknowledges the help of New Zealand Post Chairman, the Right Honourable Jim Bolger who gave permission for New Zealand Post to cover the cost of postage of the book to all secondary schools in New Zealand.

John  (aged 18) led by cameraman Brian Brake with James K. Baxter as scriptwriter and composer Douglas Lilburn attempted to make a ‘cinematic poem' about an ascent of Mt Aspiring.  The film was never completed, but a DVD of the work (directed by Yvonne MacKay, Gibson Group Ltd), will be accompanying the book.

The Trust has also set up a fund, through sales of the book, for a grant to a student from Massey University's College of Creative Arts, Wellington.